Twinkle Baby Stars (3-4 year olds) - Chidren are introduced to the basic skills of ballet, jazz, and tumbling. This class focuses on developing balance, coordination, and body-awareness through fun-filled exercises. 


Ballet/Jazz/Tap (5-7 year olds) - Students learn various positions and exercises at the barre and move across the floor with combinations which help strengthen their technique, rhythm, and musicality. 


Jazz - Body isolations, leaps, and turns are taught at many levels. Classes are progressive and aim to tap into each student's potential as their dance skills are strengthened and new challenges are introduced. 


Contemporary - Dancers work across the floor incorporating jazz and ballet technique. This style of dance is based on free flowing movement and danced to traditional and contemporary music. 


Hip Hop - This is a high energy class with "street" dance flavor popular in music videos. 


Tap - We focus on exercises to develop and maintain proper technique, precision, and strong rhythmic skills. 


Ballet - Students will work at the barre and across the floor with an emphasis on body alignment, turn-out, and developing core strength.


Acro - Students learn tumbling skills on mats such as: back bends, cartwheels, walk-overs, etc. 

Baby Acro (5-7 year olds) - Students learn tumbling skills on mats such as: forward rolls, cartwheels, handstands, etc. 

Directors: Kelly Gorner & Kaitlyn Blair

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